Cemeteries of The Stars is a book filled with so many incredible talented entertainers that I have known all of my life. Not all of them personally, but through music, television and movies. Their stories of what happened to them were so interesting I knew I had to share it. This book not only contains the Country Music Legends like Mel Tillis, Merle Haggard, Jean Shepard, but TV and Movie entertainers like Jackie Gleason, Marilyn Monroe, The Lone Ranger, John Wayne, Burt Lancaster, The Three Stooges, Elizabeth Taylor, John Ritter, Gilligan, and more.


 This 272-page book includes over 90 entertainers and Special Notes of Interest….like John Wayne was fluent in Spanish and Elizabeth Taylor hated to be called Liz. epitaphs are especially entertaining like Merv Griffin’s that reads “I Will Not Be Right Back After This Message” and Jean Shepard’s, “I Told You I Was Sick.” I have used the same format as my Precious Memories Memorial book including a hard cover and it’s easy to read.  None of the final resting places are duplicated.

Cemeteries Of The Stars